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Company Data as a Service

Find potential customers that match your exact criteria

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Data at Your Fingertips

Instantly access up-to-date info on:

  1. 15.8 million companies and
  2. 8,400 SaaS products they use
  3. 683 million eCom SKUs they sell
  4. 7.56 million job posts they have open

Customize Your Data Search

Access - and filter on - any combination of 219 available data fields, including:

  1. SaaS & OSS tech use
  2. eCom store inventory
  3. Over 900 categories

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Seamlessly export SourceStack data to:

  1. CSV
  2. Google Sheets
  3. Airtable
  4. XML
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Pay only for the data you use - there are no monthly, recurring, or other surprise fees

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