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Data Fields

The full list of available data fields is provided below. You can request and/or filter on any combination of these fields.

Include the fields= parameter with each API request to specify which fields you'd like returned. If the fields= parameter is not included, the default fields will be returned.

An exhaustive list of categories, tag_categories, currencies, language, country, region, seniority, education, and tld values can be found here.

/companies data fields

name type example value
company_name string SourceStack
url string
domain string
tld string .co
status_code smallint 200
legal_name string SourceStack Industries, LLC
title string SourceStack - B2B Data Service
h1 string Company Data as a Service
description string The data-as-a-service platform for all types of company, product, SKU, and jobs data
author string Alec Barrett-Wilsdon
tags_matched array [MkDocs, Netlify, Google Analytics, ConvertKit Forms, Stripe Payment Links]
tag_categories array [OSS, Static Site Hosting, CDN, General Analytics, Email Marketing, Payments]
categories array [Big Data, Scraping]
keywords array [Data Service, B2B Data, Data API, Data-as-a-Service]
emails array []
phones array [415-212-9604]
addresses array []
currencies array [USD]
all_languages array [en]
all_countries array [United States]
customer_urls array []
news_urls array []
comparison_urls array []
integration_urls array []
app_urls array []
chrome_extension_url string
language string en
mobile_friendly boolean True
theme_name string MKDocs-Material
theme_parent_id string ""
twitter_url string
linkedin_url string
github_url string
youtube_url string
facebook_url string
instagram_url string
pinterest_url string
tiktok_url string
reddit_url string
angellist_url string
crunchbase_url string
glassdoor_url string
twitch_url string
vimeo_url string
discord_url string
whatsapp_url string
telegram_url string
about_url string
contact_url string
pricing_url string
jobs_url string
docs_url string
support_url string
faq_url string
blog_url string
terms_url string
returns_url string ""
shipping_url string ""
affiliate_url string
login_url string
status_url string
license_url string
changelog_url string
webapp_url string
referral_url string
logo_url string
favicon_url string
hero_image_url string
ga_tag string UA-183901252-1
request_time float 0.614822
page_size float 11454.0
city string San Francisco
region string California
country string United States
postal_code string 94103
alexa_rank bigint
umbrella_rank bigint
majestic_rank bigint
tranco_rank bigint
domcop_rank bigint
hiring_remotely boolean True
open_job_count smallint 1
open_job_names array [Contract UI Designer]
open_job_departments array [Design]
open_job_educations array []
open_job_seniorities array [IC]
open_job_tags_matched array [HTML, CSS]
open_job_tag_categories array [Web Design]
tags_matched_count smallint 5
sku_average_price float
sku_vendor_count bigint
sku_count bigint
founded_year int 2020
founded_dt datetime 2020-05-01
last_indexed datetime 2022-08-28 5:32:11
first_indexed datetime 2020-05-19 20:47:28
last_modified datetime ""

/skus data fields

name type example value
sku_name string Potato
company_name string Pink Dot
sku_url string
domain string
tld string .com
sku_handle string potato
sku_id bigint 11624097620
sku_vendor string Pink Dot
company_title string Food & Liquor Delivery in Los Angeles
company_description string Pink Dot is your neighborhood liquor store, deli, and bodega that's open late and delivers to your door.
sku_description string It is a potato
sku_price float 1.19
sku_weight float 65
sku_rank smallint 2
is_digital boolean False
is_taxable boolean True
is_active boolean False
sku_type string Vegetables
categories array [Foods, Produce]
company_categories array [eCom, Food & Beverage]
currencies array [USD]
country string United States
language string en
variant_names array [Single Count]
variant_handles array [single-count]
variant_ids array [50667228948]
variant_prices array [1.19]
variant_count smallint 1
highest_variant_price float 1.19
image_links array []
logo_url string
sku_created_at datetime 2017-09-27 0:36:46
sku_published_at datetime 2017-09-28 0:42:15
sku_updated_at datetime 2021-12-05 4:10:07
first_indexed datetime 2021-11-21 1:37:23
last_indexed datetime 2022-08-21 17:38:04
store_first_indexed datetime 2021-04-15 11:55:37
store_last_indexed datetime 2022-08-21 17:38:04

/jobs data fields

name type example value
job_name string Lead Designer: People & Vibe
company_name string Canva
post_url string
board_url string
company_url string
department string Design
hours string Full-Time
seniority string Senior IC
education string Bachelors
remote boolean False
company_legal_name string Canva Inc.
logo_url string
linkedin_url string
twitter_url string
youtube_url string
instagram_url string
facebook_url string
tiktok_url string
pinterest_url string
github_url string
about_url string
docs_url string
contact_url string ""
job_full_text string ""
post_html string ""
job_description string ""
company_description string ""
comp_range string $160,000 - $170,000
comp_est float 165000.0
job_location string Sydney, Australia
city string Sydney
region string New South Wales
country string Australia
all_countries array [AU]
currencies array [AUD]
postal_code string ""
categories array [Design, Graphic Design]
tags_matched array [Canva, Instagram, Adobe Illustrator]
tag_categories array [Design Tools, Graphic Design]
keywords array [online design website, graphic design software, media and templates, Canva]
language string en
alexa_rank bigint 25
umbrella_rank bigint 4656
majestic_rank bigint 381
domcop_rank bigint 213
tranco_rank bigint 92
board_platform string
job_published_at datetime 2021-01-04 15:09:02
job_updated_at datetime 2022-04-03 15:09:02
first_indexed datetime 2021-03-24 5:32:21
last_indexed datetime 2022-07-21 21:58:54
founded_year int 2013
founded_dt datetime 2013-01-01
page_size float 315180

/products data fields

name type example value
product_name string Google Analytics
company_name string Google
product_url string
domain string
categories array [General Analytics]
description_short string Analytics Tools & Solutions for Your Business
description_long string Google Analytics gives you the tools you need to better understand your customers. You can then use those business insights to take action, such as improving your website, creating tailored audience lists, and more.
benefits_short array [Free, Easy Setup, Realtime Stats]
benefits_long array []
comparables array [Chartbeat, Mixpanel, Heap Analytics, Simple Analytics]
pricing_options array [Free, Talk To Sales]
trial_option string Permanent Free Tier
emails array []
review_average_stars float 4.3
review_number smallint 2920
pricing_url string
logo_url string
twitter_url string
linkedin_url string
github_url string
github_stars string 4829
company_location string Mountain View, California
country string United States
founded_dt datetime 1998-09-04
language string en

/categories data fields

All calls to the /categories endpoint have no credit cost

name type example value
category_name string Beauty & Cosmetics
parent_category string Personal Care Products
datasets array ["companies"]
description string ""
last_indexed datetime ""