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Example Queries


For any of the below requests, you can copy them as-is into your testing environment of choice - just remember to set the X-API-KEY header.

You can also instantly import the 40 queries below into Postman:


Get Companies by Name

Get a Company by URL

Get Companies by Category

Get Companies by Product(s) Use


without exact=True, this will match any of ['BigCommerce', 'Facebook Pixel for BigCommerce', 'BigCommerce Holding Page']

Get Companies by Specific Product Use Checkout&exact=True

Get Companies by Product Category Use

Get the number of English-language companies using Google Analytics Analytics

Get just the urls of WooCommerce Stores selling Marijuana Products Products&fields=url&limit=500


Get SKUs by Name contains

Get SKUs by Parent Company Fur&exact=true

Get a SKU by SKU url

Get SKUs by store URL

Get SKUs by SKU Category,sku_url,sku_name,sku_price,image_links&export=gsheet


Get Job Posts by Name contains

Get Job Posts by Name Engineer&exact=True

Get Job Posts by Parent Company

Get Job Posts by URL

Get Job Posts by Specific Product Use

Get Job Posts by Product Category Use Orchestration

Get the Tech Use of every Data Engineer Job Post and write to CSV eng&exact=False&fields=post_url,job_name,tags_matched&limit=5000&export=csv


Get a Product by Name Plus&exact=true

Get Products by Parent Company

Get Products by URL


to get the most relevant product entry, first try as specific a URL as possible (e.g. here is preferable to

Get Products by Category

Get the Social URLs of eSignature Products,domain,twitter_url,linkedin_url&limit=50


Get Categories by Name contains

Get Categories by Parent Category


Get the number of SourceStack credits remaining in your account

Advanced Filtering

Advanced Filtering queries can combine multiple criteria.

POST /companies where the company is an eCom store and has at least 5 vendors supplying their SKUs

[{"field": "sku_vendor_count", "operator": "GREATER_THAN", "value": 5}]

POST /companies where the first date the company was indexed was before Dec 15, 2020

[{"field": "first_indexed", "operator": "LESS_THAN", "value": "2020-12-15"}]

POST /skus where the sku_type equals 'shoes'

[{"field": "sku_type", "operator": "EQUALS", "value": "shoes"}]

POST /companies where there is a value for docs_url (it's NOT NULL)

[{"field": "docs_url", "operator": "NOT_EQUALS", "value": "NULL"}]

POST /jobs where the job is based in the country US, UK, or Canada

[{"field": "country", "operator": "IN", "value": ["United States", "United Kingdom", "Canada"]}]

POST /companies where the company website language is not in [popular English dialects]

[{"field": "language", "operator": "NOT_IN", "value": ["en", "en-us", "en-uk"]}]

POST /products where the product_name contains the phrase 'Cyber'

[{"field": "product_name", "operator": "CONTAINS_ANY", "value": "Cyber"}]

POST /jobs where the hiring company's name does not contain the phrases 'bakery' or 'boulangerie'

[{"field": "company_name", "operator": "NOT_CONTAINS_ANY", "value": ["Bakery", "Boulangerie"]}]

POST /companies where the company is using Shopify and Klaviyo

[{"field": "company_name", "operator": "CONTAINS_ALL", "value": "Shopify, Klaviyo"}]

POST /companies where the company is not an Ad Agency

[{"field": "categories", "operator": "NOT_CONTAINS_ALL", "value": ["Advertising", "Agency"]}]

POST /companies where the company was first indexed before Dec 15, 2020 and last indexed after June 15, 2022

[{"field": "first_indexed", "operator": "LESS_THAN", "value": "2020-12-15"}, {"field": "last_indexed", "operator": "GREATER_THAN", "value": "2022-6-15"}]