SourceStack Pricing


$249 one-time

100,000 credits

  1. Access 5 up-to-date datasets
  2. Query hundreds of millions of records
  3. Up to 5 Filters per query
  4. 48 hour email support
3.5x cheaper


$699 one-time

1,000,000 credits

  1. Access 5 up-to-date datasets
  2. Query hundreds of millions of records
  3. Up to 10 Filters per query
  4. Schedule recurring data exports
  5. 24 hour email support


Custom pricing

Unlimited use

  1. Access 5 up-to-date datasets
  2. Plus historical timeseries data
  3. Query billions of records
  4. Custom API Rate Limits
  5. Email + phone support
  6. Dedicated Customer Success Manager
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What is a SourceStack credit?

Credits correspond to the volume of data returned by your queries.

Each company, product, and/or job post fetched costs 1 credit; each SKU returned costs 0.5 credits (2x less).

For more information, visit our Docs.

Is there a Free Tier?

SourceStack provides complimentary credits to nonprofits and active students - if you qualify, email us at

Which queries are free?

The following types of queries always have 0 credit cost for SourceStack customers:
1. Checking the number of matching entries for a query (Count_Only)
2. When there are 0 results matching the given filter(s)
3. When the query has an error for any reason (an exhaustive list of possible errors can be found in the Docs)

When does my SourceStack plan recur?

SourceStack is not a subscription service - the pricing packages above are a one-time purchase. You can use remaining credits at any time.

How should I estimate the amount of data I need?

Current SourceStack customers can enable Count_Only mode to retrieve the count of matching records for a given query at no cost.

If you've yet to sign up, just email your data needs to our Success Engineering team ( and they will calculate the number of matching entries for you.

Who owns the data I download from SourceStack?

All paid SourceStack customers are granted a perpetual license to use, modify, enrich, and store their requested data.

Reselling or otherwise white-labeling SourceStack data is prohibited on Startup and Scaling plans - it requires an Enterprise Data Licensing Agreement.

For more information, visit our Terms & Conditions.

Do SourceStack credits expire?

Legally, purchased unused credits will expire 24 months after purchase. If you haven't used them in that period, email us, and we will renew the remaining credits.

How do I check how many SourceStack credits I have left?

The number of available credits is:

1) Available by double-clicking Credits Used after making a query in the SourceStack webapp

2) Included in the X-SOURCESTACK-CREDITS-REMAINING Header in every SourceStack API response

3) Can be retrieved at no cost from the following endpoint:

export SOURCESTACK_KEY=YourKeyGoesHere

What happens if my query exceeds my remaining SourceStack credits?

That query and any subsequent ones that have a higher limit than remaining credits will return an error with status code 429 until more credits are purchased.

What is your refund policy?

If a paid SourceStack customer encounters inaccuracies in the result of any data query, they can provide the associated request ID (every query response includes the X-SOURCESTACK-REQUEST-ID header) to their account representative, and the associated credit cost will be refunded to their account.

Where does the data come from?

Data is sourced from a broad array of publicly available sources, and is subsequently cleaned, categorized, and joined to produce the queryable datasets.

How often is the data refreshed?
dataset average refresh rate high-priority refresh rate
/companies monthly 21 days
/skus monthly 21 days
/jobs 14 days custom
/products varies varies
Can I access historical data?

Yes - access to historical and change-over-time data is available to Enterprise plan customers.

How are companies and products categorized?

Categorization is a combination of self-declared business type, deduced type (for example, only a doctor would use DocPlanner), and labeling by our own Natural Language models.

A list of supported company, product, and SKU categories can be found here.

Can I share my account with others?

Your SourceStack API credentials are a secret; it is not safe to share them with others.

For your immediate coworkers, yes, you can share your account. Email to have credentials generated for them at no cost.

For individuals not associated with your company, no - they must pay for their own SourceStack plan. Attempting to circumvent this restriction may lead to your account and all remaining credits being voided.

Do you guarantee uptime?

Please Contact Sales to inquire about including a Service Level Agreement on the Enterprise plan.

Do you support custom high-volume integrations/data pipelines?

Yes, we support bulk query export: via API (up to 20,000 records per call), via Google Sheets (up to 100,000 records per), and via S3 CSV (up to 500,000 records per). To request a new data export integration, email us at

Additionally, SourceStack Enterprise plan customers can optionally contract our Success Engineering team for bespoke Services work.

How do I cancel/delete my SourceStack account?

Send an email to Any remaining credits will be lost.

I have a question not answered here

Feel free to contact us and we will get back to you shortly.