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Automate filling your board

Load relevant job posts - direct from employers - into your board

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Data at your Fingertips

Instantly access up-to-date info:

  1. 7.32 million active job posts
  2. 835,000 employers
  3. 174 countries
  4. 252 data sources
  5. 67 data fields

Custom For Your Board

Filter and refresh job posts according to your exact criteria:

  1. Choose jobs by filtering on any combination of 67 attributes
  2. Update jobs at any cadence - manually, weekly, monthly, or bespoke
  3. Apply your style, without losing job posts' basic formatting

Easily Integrated

Seamlessly send SourceStack data to major job board softwares and custom sites

Priced Transparently

  1. One-time free trial - try before you buy
  2. Pricing is based solely on number of jobs pulled
  3. No setup, recurring, or other surprise fees

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